Give and Take

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Jessica L Miller

Writing 101, Day 7

Give and Take

Contrast two things in the form of a dialogue.

Envy vs. Satisfaction

This is an extreme version of a conversation between the two sides of my conscience. 


“Damn. I really wanted that, so of course she would get it.”

“Are you talking to yourself again?”

“Shut up.”

“Why? I like talking to you. You’re interesting.”




“Of course, I’m easy to please, but you… you’re interesting.”

“How? I don’t get to do interesting things. I get passed over for interesting jobs. No one tells me interesting stories.”

“Who does get all these interesting things?”

“Everyone! Look at you, for example.”


“Yes, you. You have to get whatever you want. You’re just so happy.”

“Easy to please.”

“Whatever. You’re just so you. You don’t get it.”

“Doesn’t sound like something I want.”

“See? You don’t even care when you don’t get…

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What does Google say about keywords, should they drive your blog or should content?

I enjoy your writings. I would like to invite you to blog with us at


Form over fashion, chicken or the egg, and keywords before content are just some of the intellectual debates that have raged as humankind attempts to come to grips with the big questions that plague our times. While the relative merits of comfort over appearance are well known, the chicken versus egg chronological lineage is still up for debate when people bend their thoughts to more esoteric contemplations. What is not up for debate is the importance of quality content over keywords when it comes to writing engaging online copy that will appear high in search engine results. Indeed, the old days of stuffing a 500-word article with 122 examples of the exact same keyword are long gone thanks to changes made by Google to their search algorithms, which punish the practice of keyword stuffing and rewards content that it perceives to be relevant and helpful to the end user.


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An Intern’s Outlook: A First Day at HLAS

I enjoy your writings. I would like to invite you to blog with us at

Candidly Courtney

The following is a blog post that was written for Hiscock Legal Aid Society. It was published to their blog site – which I had created and maintained during my marketing and communication internship with them – on June 3, 2013.

Waking up at 6:30 a.m. was not something I have grown familiar to these past three years as a college student. I haven’t woken up in time to eat breakfast with my father and see him off to work since I was a senior in high school. Those were the days when I woke up after a nice eight hours of sleep to take a shower, put on my Catholic school uniform and eat my Fruity Pebbles before another boring day at school. In college a schedule of going to class, heading to work, running to a club meeting, squeezing in an hour at the gym, and then spending…

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